In addition to our sequencing service, we can also support you with bioinformatics solutions, optionally.

Our standard analyses are

  • de-novo assembly of small genomes
  • resequencing-analyses
  • 16S microbiome analyses
  • comparative transcriptome analyses
  • exome analyses

Further project specific analyses are possible. Among others, we have assessed the quality of antibody libraries, analyzed viral quasispecies and the evolution of drug resistances, in the past.

Results can be provided in standard formats (fastQ, fastA, csv, sam/bam, vcf) as well as in other formats or graphsaccording to prior agreements.

An excerpt of the used methods and tools:

  • mapping: bwa, bowtie, samtools
  • assembly: newbler, mira
  • RNAseq: tophat, cufflinks
  • statistics: R
  • quality control: fastqc, fastx