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All sequencing is performed on Illumina sequencers (MiSeq Desktop or NextSeq). These allow the sequencing of up to 30 (NextSeq: 800) million reads with a maximum read length of 2x300bp (NextSeq: 2x150bp).

The total output per run is up to 15Gb (NextSeq: 120Gb).



  • Genome sequencing (sequencing of smaller genomes, e.g. bacteria, viruses, plants)
    Characterization of genome structure by mate pair sequencing
  • RNA sequencing (transcriptome, complete or coding only [“expression profiling”]; “miRNA”)
  • Exome sequencing
  • Amplicon sequencing (“ultra-deep sequencing”)
    • Microbiology (bacteriology [16S metagenomics],
    • Virology (“Ultra-Deep Sequencing”, “Virus Dynamics”)
    • Product and quality controls


Read lengths (nts):

1 X 36

2 X 25          2 x 75           2 x 150

2 x 250 (MiSeq only)       2 x 300 (MiSeq only)

Project planning and individually adapted bioinformatics

Price example: B. E.coli (4.6MB) no assembly, etc. € 275,-

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